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Mad Max

Cast your memory back to 1979. Malcolm Frazer was Australia’s Prime Minister, Happy Days was our favourite TV show, Blondie had a hit with Heart of Glass, high-waisted jumpsuits were fashionable and the Australian action film Mad Max was released – featuring Bertrand Cadart!

You remember the plot – It is some time in the future and brutal bikie gangs are roaming Australia’s highways and terrorizing innocent people. An Australian policeman (a young Mel Gibson) sets out to avenge his partner and family who were murdered by the thugs.

Bertrand and his friend Jack Burger were approached by then unknown film maker George Miller for assistance in customising some motorcycles for “Mad Max” which was being filmed around Melbourne.

At the time, Bertrand was working for ABC Radio but was also designing motorcycle accessories on the side.

Bertrand was skeptical the film would ever be shown on the big screen but accepted the challenge after agreeing to an upfront payment.

George Miller also offered Bertrand a part in the film. It was the memorable role of “Clunk” – a brain damaged former brain surgeon with the mind of a child. Bertrand performed all his own stunts – except for his character’s death scene, as for some reason, Bertrand wasn’t that keen to ride a motorcycle off a bridge into murky waters below!

As we know now, the movie did make it to the big screen and also made quite a bit of money – the budget of $400, 000 has returned more than $130 million since its release.

To this day, Bertrand remains popular with die hard “Mad Max” fans and owns a replica of the famous ‘Interceptor’ which he drives for special occasions.

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Bolivian Kiss

Bertrand also played the father of a violent people smuggler in the 2011 action/thriller “Bolivian Kiss”. It was filmed on Tasmania’s east coast in just six days. The film has attracted strong international attention and made the official selection at the LA FOA Film Festival New Caledonia in 2011.

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