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Bicheno and Swansea Water

Bertrand was the driver behind the construction of a $1 million, 205mgl storage dam at Bicheno and a tender for its development was awarded January 2009.

Swansea had been on a permanent boiled water alert and the town’s limited infrastructure had been struggling to cope with the influx of visitors to the region during the summer months. The Swansea Water Deed was signed in June 2008 for the construction of an $8.5 million, 450mgl storage dam and water treatment plant after six months of negotiations between Mayor Cadart and the State Government. Following the transition of water and sewerage ownership to Hobart Water, a deed between the council, Hobart Water and the State Government was signed. The opening of the Swansea Water Treatment Plant in 2011 was the first time in history that Swansea has been provided with fully treated water.