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The Cadart family history is colourful, inspiring and intriguing – but that shouldn’t surprise you!

Bertrand grew up on a farm in a village in northern France called Nampcel with his parents and two sisters.

Bertrand describes his father as a true gentleman with impeccable morality. Monsieur Jacques Cadart had always dreamed of being an officer in the French army but his studies were cut short when World War Two erupted and it was no longer safe to attend military school.

Jacques returned to the family farm during Nazi occupation and joined the French resistance. He was jailed twice and believed he narrowly escaped execution.

Bertrand has fond memories of his father riding horses on the farm. Jacques was an experienced show jumper – in fact, he was in the top 50 in France during the 1950s. He taught Bertrand to ride when he was just four years old and that is where Bertrand’s passion for riding motorcycles began – it is the same position, just a different beast!

Bertrand describes his mother as beautiful, caring and “a hell of a woman” who could also be quite stubborn at times! Christiane Cadart, née Arosa, was a model for prestigious labels including Channel and Christian Dior – this helped put the three children through school.

Christiane was also a talented musician and played the piano superbly. Through her love of music she became involved in a French association for women called UFAM which assisted gifted young female musicians to chase their dreams.

At the age of 65, Christiane was presented with a National Order of Merit in recognition of her volunteer work for the art and musical community. Ironically, in 2013, history would repeat itself when Bertrand was awarded the same prestigious accolade.

Bertrand’s parents passed away in recent years and he misses them both terribly.

Bertrand’s two sisters are part of the French nobility. Béatrice de Montrêmy is a Baroness. She worked for the Chamber of Commerce of the Champagne region and is now retired and lives in South West France where she volunteers as the President of the local regional Red Cross.

Bertrand’s other sister is a Countess. Dominique de Larauze lives in Tolousse and was a stay at home mum.

Bertrand has two children. Mathieu Cadart lives in Canada and has inherited his father’s love of the theatre. Mathieu has a degree in theatrical directorship from La Trobe University and has won awards in the Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

Anne-France Cadart lives on the Sunshine Coast. She works as an Administrative Assistant at Firefly Education in Queensland which is a publishing company that develops innovative products and resources for teachers and students to improve learning outcomes.