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Bertrand admits that his days off are as rare as hen’s teeth, but when he does find some down time, he jumps on his Honda CB 1300 and heads straight out onto the open road.

He has rode all over the world but enjoys the Tasmanian experience the most.

“I love that you can ride 200 kilometres without seeing a single soul. This is freedom!”

The Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality stretches 162 kilometres and encompasses six townships and, according to Bertrand, offers some of the best motorcycling roads in Australia.

“At the end of the day, I breathe and dream motorbikes.”

CB 1300.

Bertrand also dearly loved his 28 kilogram British Bulldog CB 1300. Many years ago, Bertrand couldn’t afford to buy his dream motorcycle - A Honda CB 1300 – so he bought a cute little puppy instead and named it accordingly. Thankfully, Bertand eventually found the money to buy the motorcycle (which he calls ‘Bulldog’) and his dog was no longer criticised for being such a poor substitute! On days off, they both liked a stroll on the beach together or if CB 1300 was really lucky, he could experience his master’s passion for riding on the winding east coast roads in a custom built doggy seat.


Bertrand is known for creating extravagant culinary treats.

“Cooking for me is not just cooking, I love the whole experience.”

From buying the ingredients, preparing them, cooking and then eating the end result – preferably with vast quantities of fine wine. He then (would you believe) likes to do the dishes, clean up and put the pots and pans back where they belong!


Then Councillor, Cadart went to New-Caledonia and witnessed the World Championship pétanque game; for years as a Mayor and a Councillor, Bertrand has been trying to introduce the famous French Game of pétanque to Tasmania.

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