03 August 2015

Heavy-Duty Harley-Davidson Magazine endorses the Fournales H-D, All-Alloy rear suspension system

Heavy-Duty Harley-Davidson Magazine endorses the new Fournales "H-D, All-Alloy" rear suspension system for Harley-Davidson and Triumph motorcycles

From page 22 issue 140 May/June 2015.

Le Shocks from Le Frog

It's no secret that at HEAVY DUTY Speek King, our 2009 FLHR, is a bit of a favourite. And we 've tried all sorts of products on it over the years, with varying degrees of success, including rear shocks.

So wehn the Australian distributor for Fournales Suspension, Bertrand Cadart (universally known as "The Frog", and famed for building the original Mad Max bikes) called to annouce a new and iomproved model, the HD All Alloy. After then suggesting we bung a brace of them on a test bike well, Brum had the old shocks stripped off Speeky quick smart...

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