06 August 2015

Fournales Australia Pty.Ltd. praised for efficient solutions on Harley-Davidson "Softail, Springer" front fork unsprung weight situation.

As the "Springer" design of the Harley-Davison FXST "Softail, Springer" front forks dates back more than 80 years, the unsprung weight can be a problem as modern Harley-Davidson have a lot more power these days.

Fournales Suspension s.a. in France has developed a very light (almost 1/2 the weight of the original shock absorber offered as original equipment by Harley-Davidson) damper/air-spring unit alleviating the unsprung problem almost 100%.

The unit is called "Spring-Air" and fit in lieu of the original equipment. It is fully adjustable and improve considerably the handling of any Harley-Davidson "FXST, Springer" especially on Australian Country back roads which are tad more challenging than american smooth freeways.

Doc, the technical editor of Heavy-Duty magazine has had one fitted on his "Softail Springer" for years and his opinion of it speaks for itself.

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