19 April 2017

BIG LOAD - As appeared in Heavy Duty Magazine

This recommendation for Fournales shocks was seen in Heavy Duty's Tech Torq section.

Big Load

Doc, my family history with Harleys goes way back to my grandpa Anatoli who had an ex-American army bike in the late 1940s, many of which were left in Ukraine from the war. He rode that bike for almost 40 years before he passed on.

I have a stock 2014 Dyna as it came from the factory as I work on an oilrig overseas and have no time to ride it. But I want to make suspension upgrades to the back end as I am 111 kilos and my wife is quite a big girl.


Well Aleks, there are lots of good quality shockers out there but your load sounds at the extreme end of things. Therefore I suggest Fournales for your application. These shockers are guaranteed not to bottom out! They are premium quality shocks, which are second to none and handmade in Toulouse, France with aircraft grade materials.

I have had considerable experience with Fournales, running them on several bikes from Softails to Dynas and always with great success. There are several styles suitable for Dynas and you’ll find them at www.bertrandcadart.com.au/fournales. HD

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