July 31, 2017

Extraordinary Trike

Hello Bertrand,

Thank you for your kind words regarding my trike. I have finally tuned the Fournales Suspension exactly as l like it using the special pump. Everything is holding perfectly and I am very happy. As per our telephone conversation please find attached photos of my custom built VW Trike with Fournales suspension. - Anton


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July 02, 2017

Mad Max Reunion and Article in Street Machines

"From the moment you entered the Clunes Showgrounds in central Victoria, you got the feeling you might have been walking through the gates of the Halls of Justice. Or into a post-apocalyptic desert where a litre of Guzzolene was maybe worth more than a man's life. Yep, the Mad Max circus was in town. Actually, it was the 'Toecutter Gang: Johnny The…

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