09 November 2017

Fantastic Fournales

The following is a letter received by Bertrand Cadart, long time importer of Fournales shockers, which I among others, have at times referred to as being the Rolls Royce of shock absorbers. Just like buying a Roller, Four­nales are not cheap to purchase but represent the pinnacle of quality.

"Hi Bertrand, my bike is a 1978 Low Rider. I purchased a set of Fournales from you in 1989. Since that time I would have easily done some 600,000 kilometres, on all types of roads. I have always ridden the bike pretty hard and with the Fournales the ride has been exceptional. I highly recommend them to anybody who is thinking of purchasing a set. It was not until some time in 2016 that one of them collapsed and I sent them to you for refurbishing".


Bertrand informed us that these units were both completely reconditioned by the factory for a total cost of $475 parts and labour. Which I believe is damn good value.
His shocks are now under a full factory warranty yet again, until August 2019.

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