07 September 2018

Fournales suspension, buy them for life!

David purchased these shock absorbers close to 3 decades ago and have ridden with them almost 200 thousand kilometres.

At that point of time, they started to show signs of wear !!!! I sent them to the factory for a full reconditioning on his instructions despite the age of the BMW (almost 40 years old I believe) and the factory performed the job just the same. The letter sent by David below, needs no more comments I think? 

The factory has done a complete overhaul of the units both internally (every seals and moving parts have been either replaced or refurbished ) and externally. Despite their age, one can claim that these Fournales shock absorbers are now "as good as new" !

Letter from David, Melbourne

Hi Bertrand.

Great to chat a couple of days ago! As I said to you, probably several times over, as I was on such a high after my first long ride out with my “reconditioned” Fournales shocks, I’m utterly amazed by just what an amazing difference having them serviced has made!

I had begun to think, over the past few years, that maybe I had was pushing the bike’s handling close to the point of frame flexion: I now know differently! I found myself on Monday really revelling in just how well it was cornering, tracking through the chosen curve like it was my K1200s! Gobsmackingly GREAT!!

I’d love to know just how much was replaced, as I’m of the mind that it was more than “just” the mounting bearings, as paradoxically it also feels more “plush” too. I guess that means they are really working as they were meant to? Bertrand, as I said, if I’d known it was to be half as good as it has turned out to be, then I would have done it way sooner.

I’ve attached a couple of pics I took on Monday. Your “Ami” in Toulouse needs to know that we’re not “Pussies” here DownUnder in Aus, and ride in all conditions!

Keep on Smiling!