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Bertrand Cadart is a flamboyant frenchman of many talents. He has ruffled feathers in his role as an east coast Mayor, played a bikie thug in the hit movie Mad Max, served in the French marines and enjoyed a distinguished career in the media. One thing is for sure – Bertrand Cadart loves life and all the opportunities and challenges it brings!

Bertrand was born and raised in the north of France. At 19, he was enlisted to the French Marines and spent most of his career stationed in the south pacific.

He came to Australia in 1972 “by accident” and wasn’t intending to stay. Through his passion for motorcycles, Bertrand became involved in the first Mad Max movie starring a young Mel Gibson. Bertrand designed all the motorcycles and was also offered the part of Clunk – a member of a brutal bikie gang. He never imagined this low budget film would be such a success and create a huge cult following!

Love lured him to Tasmania’s east coast in 2000. He visited Bicheno and was overwhelmed by its beauty and friendly people, describing it as “paradise”. He decided this was where he was going to spend the rest of his days.

In another twist in his extraordinary colourful life, Bertrand decided to try his hand at local government. He was elected to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council in 2005 and two years later became Mayor. He was unperturbed by his slim victory - “How many horses have you seen winning a race by a nostril? It still makes them a winner.”

His first action as mayor was controversial and made headlines all over the world. He traded the keys to the fuel-guzzling mayoral vehicle for a scooter!  It was a natural choice for this self-confessed ‘petrol head’ and member of the Ulysses Club.

These days, Bertrand Cadart can regularly be spotted travelling through the electorate of Lyons on his Honda CB 1300, with his beloved British bulldog (named after his beloved Honda of course!) and frequently stopping to chat to the locals.

With his colourful taste in clothing, wispy handlebar moustache and thick French accident, ‘Le Frog’ – affectionately named by the locals – is hard to miss!