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Radio Career

Bertrand’s inquisitive mind and desire to perform led him to a career in radio in the 1960s. As with most things in Bertrand’s life, he started his media career with a bang by landing himself the dream job – a cadet reporter with a prestigious radio station in France called Europe 1, which had around 22 million listeners. He divided his time between working at the station and attending “the best acting school in France” - Le Cours Rene Simon. Bertrand’s radio boss gave him the freedom to explore his talents and he thoroughly enjoyed the work, but after 18 months in the job he was conscripted to the military. Given his media experience, Bertrand was given the task of looking after the media for the French military in the South Pacific. His work was varied – from producing and presenting a radio program, writing articles, conducting interviews, taking photos and accompanying the General to gala functions and events. When discharged from the military, he returned to France to plan his next adventure.

Bertrand had always dreamed of travelling the world on a motorcycle and wanted to see for himself ‘The Lucky Country’ everyone was raving about. He soon realised all the rumours about Australia and its friendly people and beautiful landscapes were true and he decided to stay for just a little while longer. In 1972 he got a job at ABC Radio in Melbourne? where he worked in the Australia/French section and presented news and his own program in French which was broadcast around the world. Bertrand was in his element! He loved the variety of his job and made a name for himself over the 14 years - but in 1986, life was about to embark on a new journey – the world of television…