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Success As Mayor (2007-2014)

Bertrand Cadart has worked tirelessly over his seven years as Mayor to put Tasmania’s east coast on the map – locally, nationally and internationally. Bertrand is a passionate advocate for the region and has proven he tackles the issues ‘head on’ and isn’t afraid to stand up for his patch of paradise and give locals a voice.

Bertrand describes himself as ‘a clown on the outside but a hardcore professional on the inside,’ or how they say it in France: une main de fer dans un gant de velours” – An iron hand inside a velvet glove.

When first elected to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council in 2007, he was faced with issues such as water quality, industry downturns and declining tourist numbers and vowed to make a change.

Bertrand’s quirky and to-the-point personality is proving a success, as you can tell by his long list of achievements! These achievements were recognised in July, 2013 by the Local Government Association of Tasmania, with a Life Members’ Award for Meritorious Service. This award recognises those who have made a demonstrable contribution to local government across a range of areas including innovation, entrepreneurship, new or improved services, or engagement and consultation.

In presenting the award, Life Member, Lynn Mason, said:

“Bertrand is an inspiring, passionate, committed and visionary leader.”

Bertrand also received an award in December 2012 from a French organisation for devoutness to communities. The award was called – ‘Diplôme de Reconnaissance de l'Etoile du Bien et du Mérite’, and Bertrand was presented with two medals – one large one for use on special occasions like parades and a smaller one for general use including meetings.