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It's a common problem with sidecars - the traditional shock absorber on the sidecar wheel can't handle the extremes - it's either too harsh or too soft - when cornering hard. The solution is to fit a French-made and designed Fournales shock absorber.

There are several issues with riding sidecars all associated with the fact the sidecar is only attached to one side. In Australia it's on the left.

Firstly, when you accelerate, the sidecar drags the bike to the 'left', so you have to countersteer to the 'right' to keep it travelling in a straight line; and when you brake, the sidecar tries to overtake the bike so you have to countersteer the other way. All very interesting.

But the biggest problems come with corning, especially if you're pushing the envelope through the twisties. When you turn left, centrifugal force throws your weight outwards, to the right, taking all the weight off the sidecar wheel. Get it right and the wheel just skims the road surface;

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