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Hello Bertrand,

Thank you for your kind words regarding my trike. I have finally tuned the Fournales Suspension exactly as l like it using the special pump. Everything is holding perfectly and I am very happy. As per our telephone conversation please find attached photos of my custom built VW Trike with Fournales suspension.

Photos show the uniquely designed front suspension incorporating one specially built Fournales shock absorber. The rear suspension (left and right); incorporating only two Fournales shocks, without any coil springs or torsion bars.

See the trike from all angles on here.

Sincerely,<br>Anton image


Bertrand, mon ami, have ridden perhaps 1000k with the Fournales,  they are the best shocks! have ordered a victory octane, basically the same bike will the shocks be ok for that??

Ian Walker<br> Forrestfield in Western-Australia. image

Ian Walker
Forrestfield in Western-Australia.


Hi HEAVY DUTY, in late February 2017, I had a very cruisy ride to Adelaide from my home in Queensland some 2000 kilometres or so, and while I hit more than a few big potholes, the Fournales shockers on my Softail didn’t ever bottom out. 

But then, riding around Adelaide visiting friends I felt some jarring on bad sections of bitumen that the Fournales would normally cope well with. I’ve had them on for some 100,000kms and never questioned their efficiency before, even riding two-up. Bertrand Cadart, the Aussie importer, sells a very good product with excellent back-up service. However, with the extra jarring I found I was getting this ‘squeaking ferret’ sound, which I thought was coming from the primary. 

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The local Harley Davidson dealer loaned me a brand new 2016 Road Glide this is the one with the Shark Nose Fairing and twin headlights...

Last weekend I rode this new motorcycle through some of the worst weather we have seen for several years which included high winds and heavy rains.

I am happy to report the rear end of my 2007, fitted of course with a pair of 13 Inch Magnum le black Fournales shock absorbers is more stable and comfortable than the new 2016 Harley.

I do unfortunately have one very serious complaint about the Fournales, which is;

I waited too long ……….… I should have installed them many years ago ………

Once more , Merci beaucoup and as you, your countrymen and now I say “……  Vive la Fournales …….”

Kind Regards,
Chris Heath

On Tuesday I rang my old mate Bertrand 'The Frog' Cadart, personal friend of Jean-Pierre Fournales. Bert knows how beautiful Tassie is too - he moved there and became mayor of Bicheno on the east coast. More about that later.

"Are you sure you 'ave poomped them up correctly?" he said. "Don't worry about ze small ejaculation of green oil, zis is to be eckspected."

"Dunno about small Bert, it was more like Shrek blew his load when I disconnected the pump. No mate, they're stuffed."

" 'ang on, I will check ze records." A filing cabinet banged and there was a bit of paper shuffling. "John, those shock abzorbaas, they are the same units I supplied you for trial when you were at Two Wheelz?"

"Yes mate, pumped 'em up a few times but they're the same ones."

"That was in 1986. They were amongst the first batch of ten Softail abzorbaas Jean-Pierre ever built. That is twenty seven years ago my friend, 'ow many kilometeerz 'ave you done since then?"

Now Ruby's done a few miles. According to the shelf of dead speedos it's something like 700,000 plus. I've welded the frame back up twice before getting it totally re-fabricated during the last rebuild. There's a couple of spare gearboxes worth of cogs, a few front ends, a stack of wheels and piles of sprockets and discs I've been keeping to turn into sculpture one day. That's the obvious stuff, there's also half a container full of other bits. And a whole spare '84 I bought from my brother...

Just possibly this 'Fournales test' is the longest product test ever in the history of bike journalism. Bert and I laughed about it and I agreed with him, they should be sent back to France so Jean-Pierre can put them in the museum at his factory, along with a letter explaining how long and how well they've served.

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Yours sincerely, <br> John

Yours sincerely,
John "West" Rooth

As it's been nearly two years since having installed your shocks on our trike, I'd like to now take the opportunity to inform you of how well they have been travelling.

After the initial one thousand kilometre run in, always riding two up, we are now so pleased with our ride, not only is it more comfortable, but we also don't bottom out anymore, as we did with our original Harley shocks.

We know you are fully aware of how bad the roads are here in the Wimmera, well they are now many times worse and we still have a beautiful comfortable ride.

We thank you again for having such a wonderful product and we recommend your shockers to anyone.

Yours sincerely,<br> John & Linda Young image

Yours sincerely,
John & Linda Young

The fitting of these shocks is pretty straightforward, and I was able to do it in the comfort of my own garage with only a few basic tools. I put a few stickers on the front shock to make it blend in more with the scooter's look.

Straight out of the box, these shocks felt good. The scooter rode over minor bumps such as manholes a lot better than my old spring-based shocks did. I have now done a couple of hundred kms on them.

I think the main improvement in the Vespa's handling is the improved stability in windy weather, which is pretty important on something as unaerodynamic as the PX. I did a fairly long ride on an exposed highway, and the only time I felt uneasy was when I had a headwind, so I'm pretty pleased. I have also tested them out on my favourite bumpy road, and it didn't feel as bumpy as it did the last time I rode it! Riding across an exposed causeway in gale force winds was also not as scary as it would have been with my previous shocks.

If you can afford the cost, I reckon they are a good investment.

Sharon Heritage image

Sharon Heritage

Hi Bertrand,

Just an email to let you know I have fitted the Fournales HD-All Alloy shocks you sent to me, to my 2011 Harley super glide.

The shocks themselves are a work of art, I am a fitter machinist toolmaker by trade and recognize quality when I see it, so we are off to a great start! Beautifully made, really. I fitted them as per instructions and no problems there.

So, now, lets go for a ride, bloody hell, I can not believe the difference in my bike, straight away I felt how much better it was, it is very hard to describe what one feels through the seat of one's pants, but, the bike feels all connected now, just a staggering difference, so good. And with a 1000Km break in period if they feel any better it will be truly amazing.

Bertrand I have been ring motorcycles for about 45 years now, including minibikes when I was a younger kid than I am now! and have fitted a lot of aftermarket parts, these are the best product I have fitted to any of my bikes by far.

I did a lot of research before deciding on Fournales, all the higher end suspension products talk themselves up big time, as they have to do in this competitive marketplace, but when you purchase a product that not only lives up to its claims, but then exceeds them that is a great feeling. You are receiving this email from a very happy man.

Cheers to you and the great product that you represent.

Thanks Bertrand and when you have relocated to the the beautiful Queensland Sunny Coast, it would be a pleasure to go for a bit of a blast with you on some of the hinterlands lovely scenic roads.

Thanks again mate,