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Fournales oleopneumatic suspension system

Fournales oleopneumatic suspension system

The Fournales range of twin shocks:

The "Classic"

The ultra slick! - All applications
Diameter 50mm (2 inches)

The "Magnum"

For the fat look! - All applications
Diameter 60mm (2 3/8 inches)

"HD All Alloy"

100% machined from aircraft grade solid billet alloy
Diameter 60mm (2 3/8 inches)

Latest Designs:

  • High tech look
  • Billet Yokes and body (all aloy only)
  • Inflation valve under cover
  • Ultra clean lines and finish

Oleopneumatic suspension offers:

  • Ultra smooth action with no bottoming out (guaranteed).
  • Improved traction and braking stability especially on dirt roads
  • Outstanding handling but retaining comfort
  • Easy adjustment for all rider weights and loads

Review from Sep/Oct Heavy Duty Magazine issue 148 (PDF 820 KB) » 

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Fine Fournales - Heavy Duty Magazine

After distributing in exclusivity the French hand-assembled Fournales oleo pneumatic brand of shock absorbers made in Toulouse to aircraft specifications, it is a real pleasure to get this sort of feed back from my faithful customers..

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Suspension by Design - OzBike Article

It's a common problem with sidecars—the traditional shock absorber on the sidecar wheel can't handle the extremes - it's either too harsh or too soft - when cornering hard. The solution is to fit a French-made and designed Fournales shock absorber.

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