Published: 05 August 2015

Miracle for the Black Dog Ride - Thank you to Performance Automobiles in Hobart

As my 11 years old 607 Peugeot with 200 thousand kilometres on the clock started to show signs of fatigue, the new Peugeot Dealer in Hobart, made me an offer on a Peugeot RCZ (a car I have been dreaming about for years) that I could not refuse. During the sale I had long conversations with George Padas a nice bloke in charge of selling Peugeot for Performances Automobiles in Hobart. The "Black Dog Ride" came-up and George, very touched by Steve's story and the concept of the "Black Dog Ride" decided to mention it to his employers Adrian Brown and Nick Clark. Touched by it, Performance Automobiles offered to sponsor my ride to Uluru, by the tune of $1000.00. Since I have driven around 1500 kilometres with my new Peugeot RCZ and I am ascending in love with it.

What a superb driving machine it is indeed.

Here you can see me shaking hand with Nick Clark not only for selling me a great car, but also for Performance Automobiles very generous donation to the "Black Dog Ride." Note "Winston" the black Dog standing on the roof of the RCZ !