Published: 19 August 2015

Orooroo to Port-Augusta

Port Augusta

The "Black Dog Ride" spirit has become a reality for me today in Orooroo.

The "Black Dog Ride" spirit has become a reality for me today in Orooroo. Vic Raftis, a gentle giant in charge of organizing and coordinating the Victorian group of around 90 motorcycles (the Team Tasmania is grateful to him and his team to have taken us 11 motorcycles) under their wings as been talking to us, the media and the public about solidarity in despair and loneliness with an amazing amount of passion and sincerity.

During the ride, "pranks", I discovered, are organised to help the bonding and integration of riders leaning of the introvert side of things.

Alwyn, an other gentle giant, is riding a most impressive "Indian" newly made American motorcycle in the Harley-Davidson league in every respects including the price tag.

Alwyn's "Indian" is huge, beautiful, prestigious and expensive. My ex-Mayoral scooter by comparison is tiny, functional, deceitful and cheap. After a short secret briefing, Ric asked me to compliment (in front of the whole group of course...) Alwyn for his "Indian" and the panache with which is rides it. The plan was then to offer him to try and ride the scooter and watch his face.

The plan worked magnificently and in order not to loose face Alwyn had to seat on the poor old scooter in front of an hilarious crowd. What a scene that was! And it worked, the group is now more coherent in fighting the common cause: depression (a illness not a sickness) and suicide.

We are now in Port-Augusta, the climate is more propitious to motorcycle riding and tomorrow we will ride almost 600 kilometers to Coober-Pedy. Big day... BIG ride for a BIG cause; thanks to all my supporters and donors, we are doing very well with your donations.