Published: 19 August 2015

Port-Augusta to Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy

The most difficult thing for almost every riders no matter the size of their motorcycles, their experience, and their physical condition, was the quite strong head and side hot and dehydrating wind that plagued us for the whole distance of almost 600 kilometers.

Some of us calculated they would have just enough fuel between the service stations, but the wind resistance factor threw out many calculations and some ended-up running out. However, as usual the other participants of the "Black Dog Ride" stopped and offered assistance as many carried extra fuel. You are not alone in this ride and it almost reminded me of my platoon almost 50 years ago in the French marines.

The scooter being one of the lightest vehicle was battered by not only the winds but, to make things worse by the humongous road trains (fortunately not that many) driving South. It felt we were tossed in a wok.

Once again, the "Black Dog Spirit" prevailed and Jerry ( I am old enough to be his father, possibly even his Pop !!!!! ) offered to be my "guardian angel" and he followed me all the way. Not only did I know he had petrol on board his big German made motorcycle, not only did I realized he is a very organized man, but to see his headlight behind me battling the elements was like a lighthouse for a sailor in heavy seas.

We made it last night to Coober-Pedy and to my and everybody's surprise, the scooter made it on only one petrol tank at a maximum average speed of 100/110 kilometers per hour hour due to the conditions.

To make things even more challenging, it was 30 degrees centigrade there and after the freezing weather we had from Campbell Town... You can just imagine.

Today about 500 kilometers on the menu; I hope the conditions will turn more pleasant for the rider and a little easier for the poor old scooter as it was not designed AT ALL to face this kind of challenge.

Thank you all for your support and your donations.
~ Bertrand.